Hiveswap Comic Contest Details

Making things is great! Even our lawyer thinks so. But she wanted us to make a couple things clear:

• As part of this contest, you can create and share comics and stories that are based on Hiveswap and Homestuck. What Pumpkin still owns and controls the rights to Hiveswap and Homestuck, though, so you'll need our permission if you want to use Hiveswap or Homestuck in any other way.

• You can't sell, license, or make money off of what you make for the contest (and yeah, she knows about that whole "donation" work around; that's off limits, too). The winner can license their work to What Pumpkin so it can be featured in Act 2, but other ways of making money off of your contest entries aren't allowed.

• By submitting your entries, you give us (What Pumpkin Games, Inc) permission to display your entries or portions of your entries on our websites, social media accounts, and in our products. We'll credit you, based on the info you provide in your entries, when that's feasible. We won't use your entries to make money, but your entries may appear on or in things that we make money from. Your permission does not give us the right to use your story or original characters in our stories. You understand that we may be working independently on a story or developing characters that happen to be similar to yours, but aren't based on your work.

• If we think you're violating these, or any other contest rules, we can disqualify your entries and, if we have to, take further action to protect our rights.

• Because of these restrictions, please, please, please don't base your entries on a story you've been working on for a gajillion years and love as if it were your own child. Keep Hiveswap and Homestuck out of your beloved story so you can use it however you like.